Record for catching a serve toss

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I remember watching Baghdatis vs Tsonga at the AO a few years back, Baggy did this 40-50 times in the match (yes, I did start counting), easily the most I've seen on the Men's side.

Tsonga was getting very annoyed at both Baggy and the crowd (a lot of Baggy fanatics present), asked the Umpire to give the crowd a warning at one point :-D


There were LOADS of them in the Osaka-Brady match at the US Open last year. Doubly annoying because they both kept yelling "Sorry!" every time they did it. You get a lot at the US Open with the wind that always plagues that place.


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How much of this is gamesmanship? I mean, these are pros that have practicing serving for decades in many instances. No way they forgot how to toss a ball!!!


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i didnt understood the sentence "Record for catching a serve toss"

can you please explain in simple english