recovery position and maintaining a good court position.


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I am doing a coaching tennis course and I have to set up a lesson where 2 players play in a half court (trams are in ) based on improving the ability to recover and maintain a good court position. There has to be 2 elements to the drill I have to set up: a cooperative and competitive practice. I am struggling to come up with a drill for a cooperative practice The only drill I can think of is for the players to serve the ball in and then after each shot they must return to a disk in the center of the court and maybe they can use a que world like recovered once they have returned to the position. i am not sure how to make this into a cooperative practice though( set up a drill where they are both working together to achieve something.
can anyone think of a game/exercise I could set up?



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Jorge Capestany on his youtube channel has a lot of ideas for different game drills. He might have one you are looking for just have search through his videos.