Red Clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:( Yo tennis people!!!!

Red clay needs to come back to america! It is almost impossible to find red clay courts. We should have clubs dedicated more to red clay.

How do you guys feel?

pound cat

Ideally clay should also be available on some public courts as well, but the problem of upkeep enters into it, but there is no reason why clubs should not have at least a few clay courts. It was the first surface I played on, and you don't know what tennis should be until you've played on this wonderul surface.

Jon Hampton

I agree. The next generation of American players needs to have more of a complete game to complete with the rest of the world. Too often we find out American players cruising through the hard court season, only to be kicked out of the first round of any clay tournament. Red clay, specifically, must be more accessible if we want a "complete" American player.


Hopefully the usta is listening to you guys since they have really dropped the ball on the clay court education of our players for decades!!

big ted

there used to be many american clay court tournaments after wimbledon but they all changed to hard surface in order to attract the top players. americans used to do well on clay and i think its becuz the bolleiterri academy used to be mostly clay courts but now its mostly hard courts


Red Clay!!!!!!!!!!

I think you are right I heard that in the USA there was more clay courts at one point. But I think us americans could benefit more from clay. The first half of the atp tour is all clay. Plus, you get to see longer points and guys fight more. I played on that stuff and it was challenging, you need to be crafty in order to win the point. Funny thing is, that a good majority of clay courters make a quick adjustment to play on hard court and do very well. I hope the USTA picks up there act and stop promoting tennis with memeberships that has no benefits, no discounts, or anything else they preach. The money is going to someone salary with no justification! :(