Redondo Mid 4 1/2 FS

I played with this racquet for about an hour. Too low powered for me. Strung with synthetic gut. I paid $140 for it so all I want is to get my money back on it plus $10 to ship it. Thanks.


If racquet is basically unmarked, I would do $120 shipped. If interested, let me know email. Thanks

basil J

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I'll do $125 shipped if the condition is basically spotless. Email me at: if interested. I also have an mfil 200 with an hour of play on it, spotless if you want to throw it in the mix.?


New mids are nowhere to be found unless stashed by a private seller. There are a few MPs left among various suppliers.
exactly as sandifer stated. I sold my new unused Redondo Mid on the big auction site for $165 buy it now (which after **** and paypal fees, netted me what I paid for it). So a new/nearly new redondo mid are very hard to find and for whatever reasons have higher value than the MidPlus.