Redondo Mid 93 vs Volkl PB 10 Mid

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by edberg_mania, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. edberg_mania

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    Aug 8, 2009
    I just received the Redondo Mid 93, and I have been playing PB 10 Mid 93 since a year.

    I hit the Redondo for two hours today and this is my feedback, comparing it to the PB 10 Mid 93.

    Surprisingly, Redondo felt alot stiffer than the PB 10 Mid. Redondo has a Stiffness rating of 56 to the PB 10 Mid's 59. Can't really understand why. I felt that the PB 10 Mid was more plush and buttery, and easier on the arm than the Redondo Mid. Actually, Right now I feel a slight tinge in my elbow after playing with the Redondo. With, the PB 10 Mid, I hardly ever do feel any elbow shock response.

    The PB 10 Mid is a way more forgiving and generous racket than the Redondo. If you play with the Redondo you better hit every ball in the center of the racket, and better be in position to hit your shot. If your footwork and preparation is bad, you will not be able to plow through with the Redondo. So, the PB 10 Mid stands out in this category. PB 10 Mid lets you hit good shots even out of position, and on off center hits without any shock transmission.

    The PB 10 Mid feels more Maneuverable than the Redondo Mid. I find it easier to twist my wrist at the last moment of the stroke, for that topspin on the PB 10 Mid, than with the Redondo Mid. Cocking the wrist on the forehand Redondo isn't as easy as with the PB 10 Mid.


    Forehand on the PB 10 Mid feels smoother. Likened to the silky touch.
    Forehand on the Redondo is alittle less plush, but for some reason, there is
    some kind of extra bite on the ball with the Redondo. Redondo helps to hit
    with more accuracy than the PB 10 Mid.

    The Redondo is a good Single handed backhand racket. But the backhands go flat. It is difficult to put topspin on it when compared to the PB 10 Mid.
    I found it easier to hit backhands when out of position with the PB 10 Mid, than with the Redondo Mid. If i was in position early, then I was able to hit a flatter, ane more forceful backhand with the Redondo, when compared to the PB 10 Mid. But the PB 10 Mid is not that bad either. The plush feeling on the PB 10 Mid feels better when stroking the ball.

    The Redondo feels more maneuverable at the Net. It is easier to direct the ball to where you want it to go with the Redondo Mid. Blocking is easier with this stick when compared to the PB 10 Mid. It is also easier to change directions with the Redondo Mid 93, when compared to the PB 10 Mid. So, On Volleys Redondo Mid 93, has the edge over the PB 10 Mid.

    On serves, it is easier to hit a Slice Serve with the Redondo Mid 93 for sure. The slice serve on the Redondo is almost unplayable for the opponent. The ball moves quite a bit in the air and after landing on court. It is surprising to see how different it is from the PB 10 Mid in that respect.

    The Redondo seems to deliver more power on serve than the PB 10 Mid. However, it isn't as easy to hit aces with the Redondo when compared with the PB 10 Mid. The PB 10 Mid is also a great Serving Stick. There is some kind of Odd heaviness to the Serve on the Redondo that unsettles the receiver. Somehow, as per my experience I feel that PB 10 Mid serves can be returned a tad more easily than with the Redondo. At this point, it feels that Redondo is a slightly better Serving Stick than the PB 10 Mid. But, Mind you PB 10 Mid isn't bad either. Its a close call on the Serve but Redondo has the edge.
    But, Note that the two rackets characteristically feel different on the Serve.

    On off center hits, the PB 10 Mid 93 is way way way better than the Redondo Mid 93. Torsional stability is fantastic with the PB 10 Mid, and I can say that their Power Bridge and DNX elements are not fancy technology. They really work well and do wonders. It is easier to play defence with the PB 10 Mid. Like say, if you were out of position, you could still get the ball back on court with some bite on off center hits. So, I feel PB 10 Mid is the more stable, and comfortable racket in this case. If you are not in position, Redondo will give you no torsional stability. This is the weak point of the Redondo. It does feel stiffer, and less buttery, less plush, than the PB 10 Mid.
    Also the Upper hoop of the Redondo is weak. Pro Kennex, must work on the frame a little more. They have a great product. They can improve it even more, but just not stopping at the Kinetic technology. Nevertheless, the Kinetic technology isn't a part of the Redondo, as we all know.

    Slice Backhand:

    It takes a while to get used to slicing with the Redondo. But, both rackets slice different. The Redondo slice if you get it right, slices sharper and more low; .i.e; net level slicing. The PB 10 Mid slices alot higher than the net. Redondo feels more like a steffi graf, or Federer kinda slice racket. Nevertheless, when on the run, it is easier to slice with the PB 10 Mid. When you are in position the Slice on the Redondo is better.

    That is all folks. As I use to Redondo more, I will probably will be able to update my comments here. But, this is how I felt about the Redondo. Overall, I feel the PB 10 Mid is a more advanced racket. If Pro Kennex does something to improve torsional stability of the Redondo, then we would have a very competitive racket. The Power Bridge, and DNX are not bogus technologies in my opinion. They really do a fantastic job, and its no wonder that the Tennis Warehouse Team, have rated the PB 10 Mid as one of the best Overall frames on the market today. The TW team reviews are close to accurate, in my opinion. These guys know what they are doing, and are really providing great service to the Tennis Enthusiast.

    I would like to see other comments on my Play test.
  2. dozu

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    Feb 19, 2004
    2 words - German Engineering !

    volkl rules.
  3. OldButGame

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    Apr 23, 2010
    To the Court,At The Court,Going home from Court
    I know its not as popular,..but I love my PB10 MP,... :)
  4. Fuji

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    Aug 30, 2010
    How weird! I actually really enjoy the Redondo, I think it's super soft and arm friendly. What do you have it strung with? I use Prince Synthetic Duraflex 17 White! It's a bit stiffer as a synthetic, but it feels great.

  5. whomad15

    whomad15 Semi-Pro

    Aug 31, 2010
    I would attribute the softer feel to the technology that volkl has. After my POGs (all their versions lol) volkl is easily my next favorite racquet company.
  6. thug the bunny

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    Jan 7, 2011
    Out of the comfort zone
    I didn't think there could be anything softer and more buttery than the Redondo. Are you using poly? Cause I was thinking of poly for my Redondo to crisp it up a bit...

    Fuji - what do you think of TF Red Code 17 on a Redondo?
  7. edberg_mania

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    Aug 8, 2009
    Yeah guys,

    I put this Toalson Sythetic gut, but I do feel Toalson Synthetic is behaving a little like Poly. I believe Poly guts also contribute to Tennis Elbow Problems. You guys are right on the dot asking whether I am using Poly.

    Probably, I will re gut with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex, and then do another Playtest and give you guys feedback. Prince Sythetic Gut Duraflex is very soft in that matter. So Might be I will get a different response from the Redondo.

    Can you guys suggest any other Soft Gut. I'll let you guys know about the next playtest with Prince Syn Gut.

  8. anirut

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    Feb 26, 2005
    Krungthep (Bangkok), Siam (Thailand)
    I'd suggest you restring both rackets with the same string and then test again.

    At least that's what I do when I test rackets to compare them. Same type of string - same syn gut for price and middle ground sake, strung on the same day and same machine, using the "recommended" mid tension. No modification, no dampener, no overgrip sometimes. The playing ground then become sort of "level".
  9. 4sound

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Match Point
    PB10 is a larger 93 (and different head shape) versus the Redondo which is more like the Prestige Mid so stringing at the same tension will feel totally different.
  10. HiroProtagonist

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    Jul 23, 2010
    So the PB10 is a legit 93"?
    I have been wondering as all the listed 93"ers seem to be in actuality 90"ers.
    Also I was wondering if the Redondo mp is actually 95" like the Prestige line.
  11. nguyendat9

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    Oct 18, 2010
    more comparison please, thanks
  12. TennisMaverick

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    Oct 5, 2010
    You play with that? I can really help you!

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