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Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by roperteacher, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. roperteacher

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    Mar 16, 2010
    Hey there! I am usually a singles player but found a partner for dubs. When registering for USTA tournaments do you add the NTRP of both players together to determine the correct division to play in??? I saw a tournament that offered 3.5,4.5,5.5, amd 6.0 doubles. I am a 3.5 and my partner is a 3.0 player. Thanks for the help!
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    This is actually how you're supposed to calculate it:

  3. Angle Queen

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    Come on, Wink. Give the guy a chance.

    Usually do add the two players' NTRP ratings together and tournaments will run 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 divisions. That allows for ratings "math" -- so a 4.0 could play with a 3.0 in the 7.0 division...but it's more typically two 3.5s playing together. A more recent trend has been to have "combo" divisions (like 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5) to encourage mixing & matching NTRP ratings without creating the full "point" differential between partners.

    But to your specific question, I think the tournament you're considering is a weird one. Perhaps just the 3.5s (and under) in one division, the 4.5 (and under) in another. The confusing spot is the "6.0". There usually aren't any/many 6.0s. Either that's an "Open" division or they want two 3.0s playing together.

    I'd ask the tournament director. :)
  4. Winky

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    sorry bout that, couldn't resist.

    Yeah the 3.5 doubles is weird too.. a 1.5 and a 2.0 or something? Don't make no sense.
  5. esgee48

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    The 3.5 division is for a doubles team where each team member is 3.5 or less; for the 4.5 level, each team member must be 4.5 or less, etc. 5.5 levels exist though I would call 6.0 Open level. Tournaments are normally segregated this way and not "combo'ed."
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    This is exactly how it is done in my area.

    Any tournaments that are combo'ed are specific and there is a clear designation for it. In fact you register for those as a team and do not register for those like you would a regular USTA tournament.

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