releasing last clamp while tensioning next string.

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  1. struggle

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    releasing "last" clamp while tensioning "next" string.

    i've tried this (i'm on a lockout, eagnas 910 combo) and
    i have to say i DO see (watching closely) both (the last two)
    strings moving/pulling (in opposite directions).

    i'll add that when i've played with this i only do it near the
    end/lockout, not at the beginning of the tension/pull.

    seems maybe it could "reduce" drawback, producing a
    truer tension in the end.

    just a thought.

    your 2 cents?
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  2. Irvin

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    When you release the tension head the clamp will drawback. When you pull tension on the next string that drawback will be removed so it really does not matter if you remove the clamp or not.

    What you could do is release the clamp after the tensioner locks out. Then release the lockout but do not let all the tension out of the string only a little bit. Then retension to preform a double pull.


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