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    Hey Tennis Warehouse Players. I am relocating from Orange County to Nipomo. I know about Avila Bay as I have played there. I do not know about SLO Country CLub or other places where you all play. What's the story with those two clay courts in Pismo? Being new, I don't think I want to stand around the public courts waiting for a game. I'm an older A (5.0 ntrp) player who likes to hit and rally/practice 4 times per week. Any suggestions?
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    Hey kayak!

    Living in Nipomo gives you the option of playing in Santa Maria and SLO as it's somewhat the halfway point; 15-20 min either way.

    In Santa Maria, there's the SM Country Club ( which offers league play, group, and private lessons. They're extremely friendly and their coaching is excellent. I'm not sure if they have another assistant coach at the moment, but the head pros are a father/daughter duo from South Africa.

    Five Cities, which is between Nipomo and SLO, has league play and tournaments; usually at the 3.5-5.0 level. You can contact the Five Cities Tennis Association ( for more info. It's been a long battle between Santa Maria vs Five Cities.. SM is usually the underdog. Here's a list of players you can call within the area (

    There's the SLO Country Club ( that just hired Bill Dunkle as their head pro, former coach at the Jack Kramer Club, and Paige Billingsley, former Cal Poly assistant coach.

    The clay courts in Pismo aren't true "clay courts". They're pretty tore up… Arizona Red Rock.. not maintained that well. There's a number on the gate in which you can call to get into the courts.

    Overall, if you're looking for that much hitting time I would suggest Avila or the country clubs since that's the closest thing to league we have up here. You can still find players that are extremely friendly and love the game. Any more questions let me know.

    - Kana, TW -
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