Replacement for Asics Gel Solution Speed 2


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I've been using the Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 for a long (really long) time now. They fit me like a glove and I really like them, but they are getting really old, so I am thinking about a replacement. My foot is really low volume (narrow and low arch), so finding good fitting shoes is difficult. Our local store doesn't really have a wide selection, so I am looking for help.

Some of the options I am thinking about are (naturally) the Asics Solution Speed FF, Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, Nike Air Zoom Zero, Lotto Mirage 100 SPD, and Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4, but I am open to other suggestions, too. And another question is sizing: my Asics SS 2 are size 9, but most of my everyday shoes and my Nike soccer cleats are size 9. Is it because the SS 2 fit large? If I go with the SS FF, should I order size 9, 9.5, or 10? I would appreciate any advice!


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I didn't use the SS 2 but the SS 1, SS 3 and now SS FF. The SS 3 was too narrow so I ordered 1/2 size bigger of these ones but the SS 3 is just perfect (more roomy) into the toebox. According some people it is also more like the SS 2.
I would just order the SS FF and try at home if the size is right. Otherwise you can always return them.


answer is ubersonic 2; low to the ground, same glove like fit like ss2, good stability but light enough
vapor x doesn´t have the glovelike fit, mizuno are stiffer, other oprtion i have not tested
sizing: ss2 44.5 eu but needed 45 eu in the u2
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