Replacement Shoe Investigation


I'm hoping to use all your feedback to locate THE shoe for me?

I really liked the K-Swiss Ultra Naturals (I bought up all the tennis ball yellow ones I could). They fit my foot just right. The only negative on them is I felt like the toebox was a tiny bit loose, which caused a slight slip will trying to plant and change direction.

As a replacement, I am trying the Lotto Vector. The fit is a lot more snug, with the laces kind of digging into the top of my foot, HOWEVER, I feel like I can change direction with no slip with these. I think maybe a they have little better outsole/tread than the Ultra Naturals, for hard court?

Also, of course I'm looking to save some money, so I would prefer to avoid $100.00 shoes. (but will consider if they're wonderful)

Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated!


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Barricades are my go to shoe, then the Nike Breath Cage II's. You might not like the Barricades though because they are pretty wide.


I have tried the Barricade II, it wasn't bad, it seems like that one felt a little tight in length at the toe. Kind of like my foot would slide forward and jamb the first two toes into the front of the shoe. I seem to get that effect to a certain extent with almost any tennis shoe though, some worse than others?