replacing prince graphite controller 110


Hi all,

I need a replacement for a Prince Graphite Controller 110. It's pretty old so there doesn't seem to be any info on the net about the specs. I liked the racquet so I'm looking for something that will feel similar. These are the qualities that I liked/disliked about it.

Weight - It weighs more than most current racquets. I started playing with a hand-me-down aluminium racquet so I like something heavy.

Flexibility - The racquet is graphite and fiberglass. It feels pretty flexible. I think it is evenly balanced or head light. It's not as manuverable as I'd like. Maybe because it's an OS.

Power - It doesn't have as much power as I'd like. The combination of me getting older and not playing as often as I used to means that I could use some extra help from the racquet.

Control - Maybe it's just the name, but I do feel that the racquet has good control. I'm not willing to give up too much control for more power. Part of what I like about tennis the feel of hitting the ball.

From what I've read, the POG OS seems like a good candidate. I was also thinking of the MP for manuverability but it has less power and I wonder what 14/18 string pattern would feel like. Are there other racquets with similar qualities that you would recommend?