Replicate multifilament string with polyester string


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I have noticed in my tennis game that I have an extremely short swing motion ([semi]-western grip, small grip size and a lot of wrist action) and therefore produce a lot of spin but little power. As this is my natural swing and all attempts to change it with the trainer failed, I thought about it.

Why not adapt the tennis racket and the stringing to the short swing style?

So I gave it a test run with a monofilament string. The string I chose was Tecnifibre NRG2 on 25/24 kg or 55/53 lbs. I also switched from the Head Spead MP racket to the lighter model, which meant a reduction in weight from 300g to 275g and, of course, a slightly stiffer and more head heavy frame.

With the lighter racket I was able to maneuver and act much better to suit my short swing. The multifilament string gave me a lot more power without having to rip the racket to extremes and therefore better controlled shots that weren't too short.

Everything seemed perfect, but there was one problem. The multifilament string breaks after about 2-4 days of play and I have a lot of wear and tear.

Now the question is, is there a way to replicate the multifilament strings with polyester? Are there soft polyester strings that I could string with a significantly lower tension (e.g. 18-19 kg or 42-40 lbs) that would give me a similar feel to the multifilament strings (Tecnifibre NRG2, Head Velocity MLT)?

Does anyone have any experience or ideas?

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Awesome Thread Title!!!

I had to read it like 4 times to understand what you were saying. I am still not 100% sure.

Just search for forum for gut poly and see the suggestions. True Pro Ghostwire 17g is great. Isospeed Cream 17G is another one. You will see other softer thin poly string suggested.


I think the general consensus is you need long, fast swings to really benefit from polyester. With the stroke you describe, I'd stay away from poly. You need a fast racket head speed to get the benefit of polyester. Poly has been described as an anti-performance string. It tames the power of larger frames and lasts longer, two requirements of higher level players. Because of its properties, it also enhances control. But again, with what you've outlined I'd stay away from polyester. You don't mention what gauge NRG2 you're using. Could you see an increase in durability with a thicker gauge?


You can use
soft poly, just go down with a lot of tension. You will have comfort like a son's gut with much greater durability.
Mannarino plays with a very small swing and a poly tension of 10-11 kg. i As you can see, you can play with this attitude at the pro level.


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@reflexion - No pure co-poly will be able to fully replicate the feel, impact behavior or shock absorption qualities of a true multi made of nylon/polyurethane/polypropylene. You can try the softest polys (YPT Air, Cream, Swift, Focus Hex +38, Cyclone Tour, etc.) and get maybe 1/3 of the way there (maybe), but ultimately, if all you need is more longevity, per @esgee48's advice, I would simply look towards wider gauges and/or beefier types of synthetics, such as 1.35 syn-gut or even 1.40 such as Gamma Marathon DPC, or 1.35mm solid-core multi like Prince Premier Control. I think any of those ought to be able to deliver at least 5-6 hours of playability, if not 10 or more.


You can use
soft poly, just go down with a lot of tension. You will have comfort like a son's gut with much greater durability.
Mannarino plays with a very small swing and a poly tension of 10-11 kg. i As you can see, you can play with this attitude at the pro level.
mannarino is not playing witha 275 g racquet., however


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Thank you for all the answers.

I have to correct my statement about my swing. Yes, I have a shorter swing and I play a lot with my wrist, but that doesn't mean I don't go through the ball.

To summarize, I always have a lot of spin but little power. I often play these balls very consistently to or in front of the opponent's T-line, which is of course often an invitation. As a result, I always started to "rip" more to create a little more pressure, which led to a huge loss of control and of course to regular shots away from the sweet spot.

I used to play with an Alu Power 25/24kg on my racket. I had one 300g and one 275g (both Speed MP 16/19).

When I switched to the Multifilament NRG2 with 25/24kg as a test, my strokes felt much more controlled, longer and also more consistent despite the same input. I still had a lot of spin and never had to start "ripping". The only disadvantage was that if you "push" the ball too much (in unfavorable positions), it clearly flew meters out of the court.

Basically, I'm looking for a string and string tension that supports me in terms of power and is therefore more on the softer side. I lose most of my control because I have to "rip" more with harder strings to generate power.
With the NRG2 Multifilament, it just felt light and I didn't have to overdrive my tennis swing to generate power.
Ultimately, I'm looking for a power string and string tension that doesn't force me to swing above my physical limit. Arm protection is not the most important criterion for me, as I haven't had any problems with it so far.

So far, the NRG2 at 25/24kg is the string that supports my game best and the question now is, is there a polyester string with a certain string tension that can give me a similar feel.