Req. Volkl Specs, and ques Re stringing stress

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  1. Question A - What current model Volkl is most similar to my out of production Quantum 10 Tour?

    Q-10 Tour specs: via
    Power (usrsa index) 1889
    Swingweight 306
    Head size 98
    Flex 63 (rdc units)
    weight 319 gms
    length 27 in
    balance 32.75

    Question B - How long are the three Volkls i've got gonna last me? Do racquets just get soft from restringing over time? I rotated through these three for three seasons at 8-10 hours per week. and then put em on the shelf. I've got three sets of replacement grommets. I was thinking ahead for once.

    The scoop - I put a fresh set of poly in one of my old volkls just to have something to hit with while stringing all three of my LM prestiges with x-1 biphase for an upcoming tounament. I liked it so much, I played the whole tournament with it, and never took my prestiges out of the bag. Now I'm trying to figure out what my long term options are. And I'm playing with poly from now on. Now I see what the fuss is about.

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    Jun 3, 2005
    The Tour 8 or Tour 9 V-Engines are pretty close to your specs.
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    Feb 19, 2004
    Parts unknown
    i would say the most similar would be the Tour10Gen2. The Tour8 and 9VE have quite alot more power than the Q10Tour. based upon the specs i presume you have the Q10Tour version wth the PRap grommet/bumpers. I would strongly advise against using polys in this frame..the frame has a small sweetspot and polys often further reduce the sweetspot size, the Q10 can be a harsh hit outsde of the sweetspot, and poly is a very harsh string to begin with. this sonds like a setup that could put you on the path to injury. If these frames are newer and were manfactured w. the pure fibre tecnique they will last you alot longer than most frames. if prior to pure fibre, i would say 2-3 years rotating the 3 frames for as much as you play and the frames will go unresponsive on you. hope this helps. Ed
  4. Reply to post #3, Ed / mojo -

    Thanks for the quick response and thoughtful remarks. I'm not sure you and I are talking about the same racquet. Your comment regarding the combination of the Volkl Quantum 10 Tour and poly string as possible contributors to injury have me a bit concerned. The comment "I presume you have Q-10 Tour version wth the PRap grommet/bumpers." have me a little confused as well. I could be wrong, but as I recall there was only one version of the now out of production Volkl Quantum 10 Tour. But there were two versions of the original Quantum 10.

    Initially, (again to the best of my recollection) There was the original Quantum 10 which was introduced in September of 99 with much fanfare and popularity here in the U.S. Then came the slightly different spin off from the original called the Quantum 10 Power Rap, which was essentially the same racquet but with more weight at the top due to the bumper/grommet system. Both of these were classic tweener racquets. The Volkl Web site had them listed as separate models while they were still mid production, then only as one model as they went out of production at different times.

    Quantum 10 RAP was...
    27.6 inches long
    100 sq. in
    23 mm beam
    Flex 65
    weight 299 gm
    Swingweight 310
    1.0 inch head light
    Power level (usrsa index) 2136

    The Quantum 10 Tour was...
    27 inches long
    98 sq. in
    18 x 20
    20 mm beam
    Flex 63
    1.1 inch head light
    Weight 319 gm
    Swing Weight 306 gm
    Power Level (usrsa index) 1889

    I'm waffling a bit between my LM Prestige MP with X-1 biphase at 60. And my old Q-10 Tour with Luxillion Alu Rough at 55lb. I find I can switch between the two without altering my stroke. Currently I'm favoring the lighter weight of the Volkl and the spin qualities and durabilty of poly string. If there IS something in this combination of frame and string that could lead to injury, I'd really welcome any further elaboration. BTW, I'm a newcomer to this board, but in my short time here I can state that the quality, quantity, and tone of your posts, makes you a valued member of this slightly neurotic, slightly obsessive community of tennis nuts.

    Best Regards
    Felonius Monk
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    Feb 19, 2004
    Parts unknown
    well thanks thelonius (i think) ; you are using the non PRap one . the one i tried extensively was longer so it must have been the PRap version and it would play differently, so i dont think i can fairly comment. my experience with most of the Quantum series is that they can be a bit harsh outside of the sweetspot (the quantums used more titanium i think) and they have smaller sweetspots, compared to the other Volkls and that coupled w. poly strngs is what lead me to give you the possible health warning. but you are using this and like it, so who am i to say. i found the q10 to be too demanding for my 5.0+ game. if you dont feel any jarring on mishits with your setup then sorry to have alarmed you, but know that the effects of a harsh hit are accumulative and delayed in many cases. i have not hit the LM Prestige MP, but people say that has a unique feel too, so maybe you just happen to like that sort of feel, and maybe they feel similarly with the way you have them setup. in any case, you asked which current volkl is most similar and i think that would be the Tour10MP Gen2 altho it will play softer and with a much larger's a sweet frame and responds well to a number of diff strings and, Ed

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