Returning player racquet recommendation


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I'm coming back to tennis after not playing for about 10 years or so and looking to pick up a new stick. I play with the Prince NXG Graphite MP and it's been okay but I would like something that feels slightly more comfortable without sacrificing control/spin. I generally hit with pretty heavy top spin and most of my misses are long. Some of it may be due to mechanics but I demo'd the Pure Drive and Pure Aero and felt like I couldn't hit anything in (went back to my own right after and the same swings provided better results).

Advice appreciated, thanks!

Big Bagel

You might find success with the wilson clash. It's very spin-friendly like the pure aero, but softer and lower powered.

fuzz nation

I really miss the NXG mp - I still have a couple of NXG mids that are fun to dust off here and there for a workout. I can only produce decent shots with those frames when I do everything right.

Good call on trying the Wilson Clash - I'd say the Tour version should be closer to the NXG mp.

I haven't tried it yet, but the Volkl V-Sense 10 Tour is a 98" frame with a 19mm beam width - the NXG's are also rather narrow. Although it's a little lighter (I think) than the NXG mp, it has a layout that might be decent and I'd also expect that frame to be easy to dial in with some lead tape if it's a little light in its stock form.

The new Prince Phantom 100's are probably the closest current frames to the NXG mp. The Pro 100 has a more dense pattern (no biggie in my opinion), but similar heft as the NXG mp and I think its flex is at least as soft as your frame, too.