Review : Donnay X-Dual Platinum 99

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Pete_Federer, Feb 21, 2014.


99 vs 94 which is best?

  1. 99

  2. 94

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Pete_Federer

    Pete_Federer New User

    Jan 5, 2014
    Just received the Donnay, and figured to drop this note to thx TW for the test.

    Mains lenghts are 33cm, crosses 24.5cm, surface then calculate is 98.5 2i
    When I compare to the other frames I have in stock:
    -pure strike 100 has a smaller surface (I suspect it is a 98 like the others)
    -blade 101 is a bit bigger
    ... marketing ...

    Frame is 18mm at throat, 18,5 then, and 16.5 at tip.

    It came with a +5g buttcap only an not the +0 one.
    I added 6g total (1/11 and 3/9) to increase SW.
    +OG 4g

    Static mass is now: 355g, SW : 329
    Balance is quite lower than expected: 31.8cm
    Specs are identifical to my moded reference Asian BLX90.

    Demo string is still again an unbelievable thin blue poly - 1.05mm dia : a real 18
    I suppose they strung it at 24/23 kg2
    expected DT is then 35, the read one is 32 (means the stringjob if brand new?)

    Let's see this week-end how it plays / better or not than the 94 which was "magic"!
  2. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Legend

    Apr 9, 2012
    Gotham City
    I liked the 94 better....more maneuverable .

    But I like the pro one best of all donnay sticks.

    Platinum is a great stick though and one of my favorites in the donnay line.

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