Review of Gamma 5800 ELS


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I received the new Gamma 5800 ELS this week. I have been stringing the past 19 years on a Prince P 200. The Gamma machine came very well (2 boxes) packaged with all parts easily accessible and easy to find. Assembly was very straight forward with all necessary tools included (2 allen wrenches). Plenty of extra pieces were included for any necessary maintenance in the future. The clamps needed slight adjusting but I am sure that is due to how they are packed for shipping. I found the transition from the Prince P 200 to the Gamma 5800 ELS relatively seamless. My greatest difficulty was the limiting access of the 6 point mounting system. After stringing one frame it was just as easy. It was a pleasure dealing with the swivel clamps. I found them very easy to maneuver as well as doing an excellent job in holding a variety of strings (natural gut and nylon) and gauges. I also had trouble with the first racket mounting it properly to have access with the clamps to the last main strings and the top cross string. Overall I was very pleased at the uniformity of the string job. The features of the Gamma 5800 ELS are virtually the same as the Gamma 8500 ELS. These inlude digital tension settings (0.1 increments) string measuring, foot pedal tension, pre-stretch, 2 speed tension head speed, adjustable height, etc. I highly recommend this machine to anyone looking to upgrade or purchase their first machine.
Looked at the manual...nice machine. What is the asking price?

I noticed only two prestretch settings, 10% and 20%. Not sure why they couldn't do 5 and 15% also...

The knot over tension is set at a factor of stringing tension...20%...To me, that's insane. 12lb on a 60lb string job? I set my knot over tension at 5lbs on anything over 50lb....if you can't tie a knot without losing tension, well... If you've every strung for K Carlson, your knot over-tension would max out the machine [90lb knot pull]( he had me string his racquets at between 73 and 75lb at the XL Capital...) Heck, the gut may explode on that pull...

I'll admit, minor rant...

Over all, the machine looks very solid.

Having strung on the P200, you must feel like your in heaven. ;-)

Enjoy the toy!!