review of kblade tour and kpro tour from a teaching pro

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by maynardsson55, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. maynardsson55

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    Feb 20, 2006
    Just got the new Wilson batch in today at my club and thought I'd give my opinions on these two rackets. I am a former small college player at a school that was top 25 in NAIA and now teach for a living. I am extremely fanatical about my sticks, so here ya go.
    K Blade Tour: First of all, I used the Pro Tour 280 for much of my High school and some of my college career and then went to the Prestige Tour the last three years of college with a brief interlude my sophomore year with a Pro Staff 95. I went to school for 5 years so my last three were with the Prestige Classic, Tour whatever. I always hated the Head grip shape but loved the rackets. The KBlade Tour has nice weight in the head and the round grip of Wilson that I like. Plough through was fine and my hand/fingers didn't get cut up like they did with the prestige when releasing my one-hand backhand. Very solid stick, more solid than the Prestige, I think, but that could be due to the different grip shape. But all in all, Had less mishits with the blade than the Prestige, and I had an old Prestige tour on the court with me to compare it to. Both wilsons were prestrung demos with Sensation which I hate. I think a hybrid in both would have made them better. But all in all, I really liked the Blade tour compared with the prestige. Neither racket had lead on it btw. Blade actually felt somewhat more substantial in the head than the Head Prestige.
    K Pro Tour: I have become a Babolat fan in recent years, particularly of the Pure Storm Tour/Pure control series. I also have had nice sessions with a leaded up APD Cortex and a non-leaded Pure Drive Roddick. The K Pro tour blew me away, even with ****e string in it. It feels like a slightly softer Pure Drive Roddick with a slightly smaller head which I loved on my ohbh. Lots of controllable power and spin when I needed it. Actually, almost perfect blend of power and spin for me, a baseliner who uses lots of spin and some power, i.e. Thomas Muster, my dog. Plough through was great and felt heavy enough without lead to block hevy serves/shots back with no problem. The slightly bigger head than the Kblade tour, gave me a lot more confidence. You wouldn't think 3 square inches is that much, but it made a big difference to me.
    Both rackets were good on serves with the blade better at flat, like the Prestige and the Kpro tour with kick serves, which I hit tons of. Volleys, which I don't particularly enjoy, were a little easier with the Kpro tour since the head was slightly larger and the weight slightly lower. Both provided enough weight to block back volleys though.
    Returns about the same with both. Could swing through with the kpro tour a little better due to the weight.
    I couldn't believe how much I liked the kpro tour. The blade tour was fine, but the kpro gave me just that little more margin for error I like. As a Babolat fan, I hate to do it, but the kpro tour gets an A+ in my book. If you hit a little flatter with less extreme, clay court type grips and strokes, give the kblade tour a try. I didn't review the lighter rackets because I have trouble with anything less than about 11.7 ounces.
    Hope that helps some.
  2. josef

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    Jul 31, 2006
    nice review.. thanks..

    i just demo'd the kblade 98 and the kpro tour. both were nice, but the feel of the kpro tour was lacking to me. it was a little pingy (i used a sampras "o" dampener on both). the kblade was smooth and very much like the nblade i currently use, although the kblade 98 felt more solid and had slightly more pop..

    anyways, i am looking to demo the kblade tour next week as i hit flat and would like slightly more weight than the kblade 98. the 93in head is a little intimidating though. :?
  3. robkat

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    Feb 18, 2004
    Aledo, TX
    Excellent review,, thanks !
  4. thejuice

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    ATL, GA
    I'd like to note that the KBlade Tour's head is not the same 93 sq in head as the Prestige line or the Redondo (which are both closer to 90 sq in). For me, a person that plays the Redondo and Prestige Mids, the K Blade Tour looks a lot bigger.
  5. sabi

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    Feb 26, 2006
    Here are some comments I made in another post about my experience with the Kpro Tour racquet weight, my demo was around 11.8 oz and the balance about 7 pts head light. I’m not a past college player or club pro. So the original posters comments should obviously hold more weight. The thread was between me and another poster comparing the Kpro Tour to the Pure Drive.

    The Kpro Tour was quiet, stable, and able to redirect heavy hit balls laterally across the court with ease, yet from a mid powered frame. Instead of having to hit with spin to get dip as I would with a Pure Drive, I was able to hit much more piercing shots with the Kpro Tour. And the one I had had some cheap strings in it, which makes me believe it is relatively string insensitive, which was not a hallmark the times I played with the Pure Drive. Again I don't know the PDR.

    My game is a flatter more piercing shot game with a one handed backhand. I let my hitting partner hit with the Kpro Tour. He hits with the Agassi Radical re-release and with more spin. He did not like the Kpro Tour much at all. According to him, small head, not allowing full brush up, and much lower power. For me, the kpro tour was one of the best hits I've had in a long time.

    Also another thing I noticed on the kpro tour was the centerline of the cross strings. Many racquets I have used have the center of the crosses at the geometric middle of the oval, or slightly above this point, as measured from the 12 o’clock to 6 oc’lock points on the inside of the frame. The kpro tour however had a centerline (the center between the two side stabilizers) that was much higher than the geometric centerline. So Wilson raised the center of the sweet spot from the geometric center of the frame. I think it was raised a good half inch, where at most the other frames I measured were a quarter of inch above centerline, at most. In any event, I tend to hit a little higher in the hoop and so this may have aided me in thoroughly enjoying the Kpro Tour.

    I thought the Kpro Tour was excellent from all areas of the court, although the balance point and light swingweight would take some adjustments on the serves, which were not heavy enough from my demo time.

    My normal racquet is the k95 18x20.

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