Review of Prince Cobra NFS Black

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by onehandbh, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Dec 19, 2005
    Review of Prince Cobra NFS Black.

    - low top
    - black & silver
    - size 11.5
    - 6 month wear guarrantee
    - $49.99

    - male frog
    - 5' 11 5/6"
    - 165 lbs (a little more after a giant sushi feast)
    - regular shoe size: 11.5
    - regular shoe: Nike Cage 2
    - foot: wide-ish (good for water travel), med/high arch.

    First thing I noticed was that they were pretty light. I generally
    prefer shoes with that are a bit more breathable like the
    cage 2's, but these were at a good price so I wanted to give
    them a try.

    Right out of the box they were very comfortable and
    required no break-in period. The cushioning/sole is very
    soft. Almost like my Nike basketball shoes. There is a
    plastic thingy in the middle of the bottom of the shoe to
    prevent flexion of the midfoot. The upper feels like some kind
    of synthetic. There are some vent holes so it breathed okay.
    It didn't feel as locked in as my Nike Cage II, but not bad.
    Sizing-wise, it felt slightly smaller than my Cage 2 and I think
    I might need a size 12 instead. Not sure. Probably okay,
    though. Felt almost like running shoes cushion-wise.

    After playing for an hour, it felt fine. I was a little nervous
    about the stability since the shoes is a little higher riding than
    the Cage 2 and a little more flexy than my previous
    barricades & Cage2. The cushioning might be a tad too
    soft for me but not bad overall. Didn't feel like I was going
    to roll my ankle or anything.

    The grip of the sole was decent and didn't present any

    I wonder if the cushioning will hold up over time and how
    long the soles will last.

    For $49, they are a great deal. Just try them on to make
    sure you don't need to go a 1/2 size larger.

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