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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by snowpuppy, Apr 23, 2005.

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    Aug 5, 2004
    I was really eager to try the surge x since i have heard much about it being the cheaper pure drive clone or even an improved version of it. I am at a modest 3.0-3.5 level. Well on with it. The first feeling I get from it was that it feels oddly heaver than it is listed at 11.1oz (Mean while the 300g that i have listed at 10.8 feels like paper weight compare to it), maybe it is me. It came prestrung with wilson nxt max 16 at a tension that I don't know. One thing i notice is the removable trap door on the butt cap, great for those that like to customize. I proceed directly to bounce some balls on top of it and the first problem came up. I could feel the racquet rattle in my hand on each impact. I immediatly put that trap door to good use by inserting packaging foam inside the handle which seem to help a bit.

    From the live testing of the racquet, I've come to realize what to make of this racquet, it is a canon. It definitely shoots the ball out like a canon but what i really mean is that it recoils like a canon also. For a racquet with a 100 sq in head it sure feels like it has a sweet spot of a dime. The good points is that for all of its power, the racquet feels stable and controllable. Manuverabilty is not the best but it isn't to shabby either. Racquet does seem like it encourage fast whipping strokes.

    Compare to the diablo mid, pk ki15 pse, 300g that i have it would rank somewhat in the middle. Diablo mid is definitly on the top of my list. It feels surprisingly light especially during swinging for a 12+oz racquet. Its also have an even more surprisingly big sweet spot. At first I was not to happy with the ki 15 due to its lack of manuverabilty but it doesn't have the shock factor like the surge. But yet the surge swings better. So i guess it is about even. 300g is just too light for me.

    So is there any surge x user out there that knows how to tame this beast? My friend who owns a surge x he just got use to it, but should I dump it or spend even more money to dump lead on it or change the strings? Love to hear your thoughts especially from you Monologuist if you are around. My decision to buy was kind of influenced by your postings.
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    Sep 28, 2004
    well...that's a great have to hit with good topspin to keep the balls's best suited for a semi-western or western forehand, but you should be able to tame the power reasonably by tweaking the string set-up. Some good strings to tame power, while retaining softness/comfort (the Surge is stiff) are :
    Head RIP Control
    Isospeed Professional (make sure to string 6 lbs. higher than normal)

    and if you don't mind using a poly string :
    Signum Pro Poly Plasma (also called Laserfibre Kryptonite)....I've heard it works well as an all-poly job, otherwise maybe use a soft synthetic like Ektelon Powerplay.

    Try the Head first, then the Isospeed....they are made of the same stuff I think...if you don't like the feel (some find it too dampened), try the Signum Plasma 17 or 18 g.

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