Hello all,

Posted another thread above looking for a shoe.

This thread however, is one in which if possible would like your thoughts on the footwear I got today. Am a hardcore tennis player who runs through shoes but would like light shoes that are easy to run around in. So bought such a shoe today.

Would like softish slippers as well so bought these but found them to be real hard due to apparently being good for pressure points. Having a circulation issue in the legs though it would be beneficial but would like any members views and/or experience with them.



I'm not a big fan of that style of slip-ons. Hurts a bit to be honest, and I'd rather have a smoother, softer ride. Look at something like the "adidas superstar 3G slides" which have more of a memory foam footbed. I like Birkenstock's EVA waterproof sandals when going barefoot.

As for shoes, I'd recommend boost technology over much of adidas' other midsole tech because it's insanely comfortable, if it fits your budget. I personally use nike flyknit 4.0s off court and I like them a lot, too. I've never tried on those element refreshes above, though, so if it's to your fancy, go for it.

I can't vouch for your products in particular, but I hope I've helped. :)


Thanks for your help. Just had a quick question though. The sandals that I got are the adidas assuage or something pressure points sandal that apparently improves blood circulation. Do these things actually work in your opinion? I will look for the superstars they sound great though.

Can the boost technology shoes be worn for tennis though? The element refreshes are quite comfortable but they lack grip on the tennis court .