Revo 4000 Clamp Upgrade


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I know a lot of you have Revos so I thought I'd give you a heads up. I'm into my third year on the machine and the clamps were starting to require more and more frequent maintenance and adjustment so I called Mark at Alpha. There is now a clamp upgrade available. Instead of the 5 tooth job that comes with the Revo, there is also a 3 tooth available (at $89 apiece.) I just finished my first racquet and I like the clamping action very much. Maybe that's how my original clamps felt when they were new and I just forgot. Anyway, it's slimmer side to side but thicker front to back. It's also taller than the originals and does not have a spring underneath it (for those of you who like to bounce your clamps!)

As always Mark is terrific to talk to and work with.


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I have been eying the 3 tooth clamps, which are used on the higher end models because the action on them is so smooth. also, I find the thickness adjustment on the 5 tooth clamps to be a little spotty (too tight or too loose, and difficult to get just right where the string is firmly gripped without leaving marks.)