Reykjavik, Iceland - Sep 1-7


Looks like they have a lot of synthetic grass courts in Reykjavik... same type of court that I play on everyday.

Tennis courts in Reykjavik:



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There is a nice indoor facility in Reykjavík. I considered playing while I was there, but there were too many other more interesting things to see and do instead in the main city.

I also highly recommend renting a 4-wheel drive vehicle and driving around the entire island. Give yourself about 5-7 days for the drive. More if you want to make it more leisurely. Get full coverage insurance because some of the roads can be a little rough.


Where’s this drop in? When I was there I hired a pro from the hotel concierge.
Tennishollin. The drop-in, they play 10-minute singles baseline games to 11 starting with drop-feed. If you get to 11 or are ahead of your opponent when they call time, you rotate up a court. If you lose, you rotate down.

They go for a couple of hours. The players ranged from strong 4.5 down to strong 3.5 on the day I came.

I had better success showing up in person than I did over the phone to get all set up there.