RF85 Specs



Due to various confusing discussions, I would like you to please confirm if the published specs of the RF85 on TW product page come from actually measuring the currently available RF85 itself?

Please confirm this, as there are sayings that the RF85 is the same as the recently 're-released' PS85 (which was different from, and more flexy than, the Original 85).

Also, are there grommets available for the RF85? I'm thinking of ordering two of the stick.

Thank you.

TW Staff


The specs currently on the website are taken from the one sample we got before the launch of the racquet. I have seen the discussions in a couple threads. Now that we have a bigger sample size to go through, we have spec'd a larger sample size to get a better "average" spec and have confirmed the specs on the website this morning. As I am sure you know there is a spec tolerance for each racquet and the specs reflect the average of the racquets we tested.

According to Wilson, this RF85 is just a cosmetic update of the previous re-released Pro Staff 85. The only grommet we have that will fit it will be the Wilson Prostaff Original 6.0 85 Grommet Equivalent on this page:


Brittany, TW


Brittany, thank you so much.

Ummmm .... just a cosmetic update of the re-released 85? I'll have to think all over again ....


the prostaff tw listed had an RA of 62, the new one was listed as 66. i know this isn't the biggest of difference but i have some die hard people i know who loved the original with the 66 stiffness and felt the 62 was too soft. any way to verify the specs with a large sampling of specs please ?