RF97 Tuxedo Question


Same specs may mean a few different things. Wilson quality control can leave a wide gap between “identical” frames that may feel different when you play with them, and this has been the case with their stock retail frames over the years. If they have made it more maneuverable and head light, that’s good on them...though I thought the matte black was an excellent frame that I made maneuverable by adding a bit of lead under the butt cap.

I haven’t hit with it, though I have considered buying one to see if I like it. It’s a tough sell since the matte black is such a good looking racket, and I’m not entirely sold on the cosmetics. The whole “tuxedo gets its shirt” thing makes it look like just another ordinary black-on-color Wilson to me. The matte black differentiates the RF97 to me. No other rackets has that same look with the dark Wilson logo. Now, it’s just another racket with black and color on the wall. I absolutely understand why they did this...gotta change things up every two years to get the customers buying. And, with Fed likely retiring soon, it’s a good way to get the last bits of revenue while they can. Makes excellent business sense and I’m sure I would do the same if I were in charge of Wilson...but still - I’m just not sold on the aesthetics.

Of course, you’re hitting with it and can describe what you feel while I’m just posting an opinion of aesthetics on the web which holds little to no clout. If you like it and feel it’s and improvement, keep hitting with it and see how your opinions change or stay the same. Keep us updated!!

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Good point! Yes I hit with it for about an hour and half with the string they sent it strung with—Wilson Sensation. I normally use a less lively string like Hyper G. Going to string up with that or Tour Bite next week. Will keep you posted!


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Wilson representative in Japan says that New Tuxedo Pro Staff is more flexible in hoop area by 0.3 points. You can see 0.3 points in this video.
I do not exactly what 0.3 points means.It may be RA figure.


I was on court playin doubles the other day with my buddies, we had 3 generations of this racquet on court
the oldest red/black
the last black/black
And newest black/white

they all had dif strings and tensions, but the newest felt faster,,
all 3 ppl who use the wil.rf commented on it..
I personally liked the first version,
I though the second version was heavier and slower to swing
the third version seemed fast to swing and very quiet, in feel,
Ill be hitting this new version more, but its a nice frame imo,
An all white cosmetic would have been best imo, but this combo of black/white is nice to my eyes..


I would agree with Spirtnoye. Wilson's QC is known to be a little inconsistent to say the least.
very cool, i will check out the RF tuxedo soon
i thought that the red/black and all black were too heavy and too head light
when i put leadtape in the hoop to make it more head heavy, i couldnt play more than one set
with it because my arm got tired.
i use the PS97 with 15 gms of lead in the hoop
that works fine for me