RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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I`m probably one of the first Tsitsipas fans on here, so i can't go against him. If he doesn't fall into the huge pressure and play his game, he had all the chances to beat Djokovic in absolutely every single scenarios out there, in 3 sets, in 4th sets and in 5 sets.
I`m voting for Tsitsipas in 3, cause this is the result i want.

This is not a prediction, this is my desire, cause i`m huge Tsitsipas fan. Still if Tsitsipas is on 100% he can beat everyone on the tour on every single surface out there !!!

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Going to vote with my heart and say Stefanos in 5. I think he has the game to potentially trouble Nole, but in all likelihood it's Djokovic in 3.


The look in Djokovic's eyes once going down 0-2 in the 4th set was just steel. Even though Tsitsipas actually poses some problems to him and will be a difficult opponent, I see no way Djokovic loses this. Not after winning in 4 today.
I'm guessing the sentiment was similar in 2015 though and he got Stanimal'd. Can Tsitsipas reach that sort of level? I mean, we know just how brutal and powerful Stan's game was. Tsitsipas is a different sort, to be sure, but maybe he can reach a similar level, and just maybe he'll turn up in a huge way in the final and play a top match.


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Well, the work isn't done just yet! I don't think Tsitsipas is going to make life particularly easy and this could be a 60-40 type match
Beating Rafa at the French is just so draining mentally and phyiscally (especially when he was fighting as hard as he did today, it was probably easier in 2015).


most likely novak in 4. atleast tsitsipas has played novak here before, i think last year and that went to 5, but a whole different occasion with it being the final


Only hope for Tsitsipas is if this win takes out so much emotional energy out of Djokovic that he comes out really flat and knackered. But I wouldn't count on it.
To be honest, Tsitsipas got the player he wanted. But you do feel Djokovic deserves it after dislodging Nadal. But tennis doesn't work that way...May the best man win...


Tsitsipas totally lost the plot in sets 3 and 4 today as he was closing in on his first slam final. I think he’s gonna be the usual deer-in-headlights first slam finalist and get taken down in 3. And even if he doesn’t succumb to nerves, it’ll be a massive effort to out-battle the Novak we saw on court today.


Voting for Tsitsipas in four. I am fully aware that Tsitsipas hasn't beaten Djokovic on clay. But the last two matches, RG 2020 and Rome 2021 were five and three setters. Tsitsipas can legitimately trouble Novak. I am voting for the upset..

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Well it's definitely a much better match up for Stefanos to face Novak than to face Nadal. The issue is I have no idea how the Greek will absorb the pressure of a first GS final, some may say he will fall apart, personnally I have no idea but if he is relaxed enough it could be a very interesting match.

Nadal I think would have for sure disturb Tsitsipas's game, not sure about Novak, perhaps Tsitsipas will be able to execute his patterns of play more comfortably than if he had to face the Spaniard
If Djokovic is a bit too passive in the rallies he can be in big trouble against Stefanos's forehand IMO, Novak really should not allow the Greek to play his game like he let Wawrinka do it in 2015.
Could be a great match even though it depends upon a lot of differents factors we can't predict at 100%

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Nole in 3. No way is he going to lose after beating Nadal. This is also Tsitsy's first final. Nole is going to be dailled in.
But I'll be cheering for Tsitsy.


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Seriously feel sad for the people that think Tsitsipas has a chance. How could people forget AO so quickly, this is 3 easy easy easy easy sets


Tsitsipas (unlike Nadal) will actually play Djokovic in normal conditions, not at night. So he has a better chance by default. But it will not save him.


All of the delusional people talking themselves into Sissypass are either butt hurt Nadal fans or in denial Roger fans.

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I've got Tsitsipas winning, in 4 or 5. Part of it may be wishful thinking, but no one has ever beaten Nadal at RG then won the tournament for a reason. It takes a lot out of you mentally, emotionally, physically. I don't believe there is much between Stefanos and Novak on clay and I believe Stefanos will have the slight edge unless nerves get to him


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Slam #19 is a mere formality. If Djokovic plays at the same level in Sunday's final (and there's absolutely no reason why he won't barring some unsuspected injury) then Tsitsipas doesn't stand a chance.

Novak will join Rafa as the only 2 players in the current era to win multiple Slams on all 3 surfaces and become the only current player apart from Rafa to win multiple titles at Roland Garros.
Judging by how Nadal was moving, serving etc, I think tstsipas would have preferred Nadal as opposed to nut case djoker who knows this history he’s about to do. nole isn’t gonna blow this opportunity. He’ll play for 8 hours if he has too


Beating 2 of Big 3 at a slam has been near impossible, but beating 1 has been achieved more regularly. Tsitsipas has a chance, but if you had to bet your money, bet on Djokovic in 5.

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So depressed, so unhappy - now I have to rely on Tsitsipas to win on Sunday. It's possible but I know it will be really difficult for him. Praying for him to win on Sunday.
Well, the work isn't done just yet! I don't think Tsitsipas is going to make life particularly easy and this could be a 60-40 type match
Beating Rafa at the French is just so draining mentally and phyiscally (especially when he was fighting as hard as he did today, it was probably easier in 2015).
The good news though is he finished the match in 4. Plus tsitsipas went 5 sets himself so will be feeling it as well. Djokovic is a supremely fit athlete so I think he will okay. Plus 2015 was worse because the Murray match went 5 sets and was actually completed over 2 days on the Saturday too.

Tsitsipas is playing well but I don’t think he has it in him to reach a wawrinka peak level. I’m a little nervous but think Djoko in 4 sets.


People keep talking about the "Wawrinka choke", but conveniently leave out playing 5 sets with Murray in the semis across TWO days. It doesn't matter how long he was out there Saturday, you're still draining physical and mental energy instead of having a day off to recover. He was also younger, and there may have been somewhat of a letdown from finally beating Nadal.

I kept telling myself he can and would beat Nadal and felt circumstances and mental issues led to Novak losing in the past. Even last year, I made "excuses" for him: everyone forgets he had a neck and shoulder injury and came off of a night match playing 4 hours while Nadal had a cakewalk draw. Well, I don't look so stupid today, EVEN WITH Djokovic having played much longer than Nadal the last two rounds. Easy draw my ass...

IF there is one thing you can count on Novak, it's he learns from his losses. Stefi got close last year due to mental lapses caused by physical issues and mentally not being over the USO. Novak played much worse in their match in Rome and still won. He will have spent 3+ hours more on court with a later finish heading into this match, but Novak's fitness is GODLY as you can see today. He will be fatigued, but he knows what he needs to do.

Djokovic in 4.
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Tsitsipas in 4. He hopefully cleared out the loose pooper by holding on against Zverev, Novak is emotionally spent and overall Tsitsipas has the better attacking game.


When Djokovic lost to Wawrinka he had enormous pressure to win his first Roland Garros. Now he is a champion, he has beaten Nadal twice, the pressure is less and that comforts me.

I saw Tsitsipas mentally weak today, he was lost, cornered, I suppose in the final he will feel even more pressure.

Djokovic in 3 or 4.


Djokovic in 3. But it will be an interesting match nonetheless. And I hope I am wrong.