RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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As expected break comes. It will take Wawrinka lile fearless performance to take this Djokovic down. Sisipas has got level but not mind of champion.
Djokovic is fully deserving of this. This isn't next gen failing, this is Novak Djokovic bringing the absolute best he can. The best ever.
Tough to miss that break point. Patterns are not good for Citybus now. I might have to check out of this one and pop back in to see the scores in an hour or so. Watching Novak win slams makes me dislike tennis. Oof.


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Tsitsipas couldn't've played that set any better and he's going to lose it in a few minutes probably. So tough to shrug that off mentally.


Djokovic is unbeatable. And Titspas is a MUG.
The next 2 sets might be 6-1, 6-0.

Titspas has no backhand and no ROS. He won't win any slam with such deficiencies.

And the way Novak is playing no will beat him this year. Seriously he could win all 4 slams. To me he even looks better than his peak. He just doesn't miss.


That missed set point got in his head, looks like. If he can recover for the second set, I think he’s still in this. Djokovic has shown some signs of weakness. Tsitsipas is right in there with him, just needs to edge one of the big points.


Tsitsipas has been trying to blow Djokovic off the court and used much more energy. He will get tired quickly especially after the long SF.


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Oddly enough Tsitsipas was having more success when he was nervous and leaving his groundies short, since Novak is afraid of coming to net he could not do much with them