RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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Just rolled out of bed on the west coast to watch Tsitsipas level the first set o_O

How are both their forms so far? I'd imagine Stefanos is playing a bit nervous
Bus pulled away slowly , Novak was running after citibus , caught up to citibus , hijacked citibus, started driving citibus, driver then threw Novak off and now citibus is pulling away :)


that's the thing with Novak

he clutches out all the big matches against Big 2 but chokes finals he's supposed to win


Djokovic is the worst against the NextGen.
And Tsitsipas is the new Kuerten.
I was convinced Tsitsipas would win this year, even though I expected Nadal in the final.


You feel Tsitsipas needs this set. He has been the better player and if he doesn't take this set then it will a be a huge uphill battle. Novak isn't going away either way.


If Djoko wins this set, he won the match to 90%. If Tsitsipas wins it, Tsitsipas chances to win the match are rising to 35%
That is a bit much. I would put Titspas chance at 5 percent if he wins set 1.

Musetti was 2 sets to 0 up. He barely won points after that.