RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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The crazy thing about Djokovic though is that I have no idea what that set means. I think it means Novak might have some heavy legs and Citybus has a 3 million horsepower forehand. But Novak is such a cyborg I still feel like he’s got this? So confusing.


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Tsitsipas serve and FH are amazing at the moment. Novak movement looks terrible right now, but I hope he'll be able to come back. Shame after coming so close. Idemo!


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Handwringering from Novak fans is glorious. He was GOAT the other night, right now they‘re saying he can’t be trusted to serve out a set. :-D
This was never going to be easy but that game Djokovic served for the set was just ridiculous, Tsitsipas didn’t do anything.

I would say the match is 50-50 right now unless Tsitsipas completely collapses.


Stef is definitely the favorite to win now. You feel that he could play better than this and I don’t know about the stamina of Djokovic after the Nadal match


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bad swinging volley miss from djoko. 0-30 now.
If Tpas can break now, it will put significant pressure on djoko.