RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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Tsitsipas winning this match is as obvious as Djokovic winning 2 days ago after we saw the 2nd set.

This is over.


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This is insane. Tsitsipas is hitting clean and is putting Djokovic on his heels. Let’s see if Djokovic can pull out the comeback like Friday.


So far so good for Tsitsipas. He's hitting as hard as Wawrinka and playing as well as peak Wawa now, so there's no reason to not believe he can win now. Djokovic can still come back and take this 5 though.


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2016 USO vibes from this, except Tsitsi actually won the first set.

Djokovic is in massive trouble and doesn’t have the legs or the power advantage over Stefanos. Guys we are witnessing an upset


Djokovic looks tired already.
After the level he showed against Nadal, something had to give today. He showed signs of that in the 1st but Tsitsipas coped with it and now i feel like it could be a battle of fitness for the rest of the match. Tsitsipas played a 5setter in his SF so he might drift off too, we'll see!


Titspas about to get broken here. This is literally the biggest game of the match so far.

Novak is going to come charging back BIG TIME.


The funny thing is, with your hilarious paranoia you forfeit all right to lecture in the future. Any unbiased spectator could tell the clap was not a trick. Move on.
Yes, it is. It's a way of saying "wow great shot! (Bet you won't do that again, that was special)" rather than having the opponent think it's routine.