RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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Can never count Novak out. He’ll fight but good chance for Tsitsipas now
Yes. I've said this before, but Stefanos on clay is very similar to Federer. He can play outstanding tennis from the back and front, and also come up with superb shotmaking, all of which can wear Nole out. HOWEVER, Nole has the ability to stay calm and maintain a good level and not fade away, which then allows him to really step it up once the inevitable drop in quality from Fed/Tsitsipas comes into play. I'm guessing something like that will happen today as well. Whether that means Nole wins one set, two sets, or the match is less certain though.
I have seen Djokovic enough to know that this is an absolutely necessary hold for Citybus. AND he needs another break to really win the set

Martin J

Didn't expect from Stefanos to handle the pressure as well as he did, kudos to him! Djokovic looks a bit flat? Though I haven't watched the first set, just a tie-break.


Finally in a while I have the feeling again that Fed will end up as the GOAT. Either the mugs got less muggy or Nole and Rafa are just 1 or 2 (probably the former) years away from (top 10 ATP) retirement. Not complaining though, that timing is coming in clutch.
Federer will probably have to find a way of getting another slam though.


Djokovic has inherited the guardians of GOAT responsibilities now by making sure no X generations wins a GS title while they are still active on the ATP Tour! :giggle: (y)


Yes, it is. It's a way of saying "wow great shot! (Bet you won't do that again, that was special)" rather than having the opponent think it's routine.
I think you're being a bit paranoid bud. And for the record, I have no qualms with you, double-standard not withholding.


Novak is done. 3/4 Set beatdown from the greek here. We will crown a next gen champion for the first time. The King is Dead. All hail the Greek King(y)(y)(y)(y)


This is exactly like Rome 2021. Titspas was a set up and a break up. LOST the match.
Had an opportunity to serve for the match twice. But both times lost his serve.