RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]


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God damn, what an amazing run. When I got up, Djokovic was up 6-5 in the first and I thought 'Here we go' and then Tsitsipas went on an amazing 8-2 run. One set away, but something tells me that one set is still going to be tough to get


The quality and level of both Djokovic and Nadal was all over the place. Lots of unforced errors. There were particular points that were exciting and fun, but overall, I found the match frustrating to watch because of the unforced errors. I thought the Zverev/Tsitsipas match was actually much more exciting.

For me, it wasn't one of the best I've seen. In fact, I'd say this was probably the worst clay match I've ever seen Nadal and Djokovic play against each other. If Djokovic plays like that against Tsitsipas, he's going to get crushed.
This is why I said what I said in the Nadal/Djokovic thread... even though a ton of people were saying how awesome the Nadal/Djokovic match was. I thought it was just bad tennis from both guys.

And now we see the big difference. Djokovic and Nadal are just not at the physical or technical level they need to be. It could be age. Eventually it catches up with you.

What really surprises me is that Tsitsipas is hitting a very loopy backhand (damn near looks like Gasquet-level loopiness) and still seeing success against Djokovic. Tsitsipas' forehand is doing all the damage. Although his serve is also pretty good, as well.

Pretty funny to see Djokovic getting denied by -- yet again -- another one-handed backhand in a clay final.


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9 winners, 8 errors forced and 2 UEs from tpas in that set: 17 winners+errors forced to 2 UEs
6 winners, 9 errors forced and 10 UEs from djoko in that set: 15 winners+errors forced to 10 UEs

Djoko won only 56% of points in that set.


Djokovic has there special weapons that no other player has: 1. Restroom break, 2. Injury timeout, 3. Rage!
Djokovic using #1 now after behind now 2 straight sets! Third set will be surely Djokovic's set, 4th and 5th too!
GOAT Guardians responsibilities fall on Djokovic shoulders now, to prevent Generation X for winning GS titles!


Titspas is NOT changing his T shirt or even his shorts. He is not even taking a break. Maybe loses momentum here.
Novak will be coming with a BIG RESPONSE here SURELY.


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Shame about this match. Good news is that he'll stay 2 slams behind instead of 3, but I hope that Novak isn't done just yet.


Zverev came back from 2-0 down in the semi too. It's not over yet but it certainly looks like Tsitsipas is too strong for Novak today.
Now watch Novak win this in 5.

They NEED to ban strategic toilet breaks like that. Absolutely need to.

I was even supporting Novak before. No More.


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Now watch Novak win this in 5.

They NEED to ban strategic toilet breaks like that. Absolutely need to.

I was even supporting Novak before. No More.
why would you support Djoko when you have been complaining non-stop about big3 winning everything?


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Great play from Tsitsipas. Djoko goose looks cooked. Can never write him off completely but really looks like he has not much left.

Still a great tournament for him but this looks a step far. History awaits the Greek.
All due respect, if he loses it’s not a great tournament. Nadal not up to his usual standards, made to look ordinary for 2 sets by Musetti.
Don’t be fooled by that Nadal win, Rafa was well off the pace on serve.
Djoko can still win this, but if he doesn’t don’t give me “great tournament“ nonsense. The dude’s supposed to be the GOAT, no?

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You've mentioned this now three times. Do you ever reflect on many, many in your fan base who mindlessly continue to post "40-15" even though that match is almost 2 years old now? There's a ton of "pathetic Federer haters" in your group and you know it.
Not that many.