RG 2024 Alcaraz vs RG 2016 Murray 10 match series

'24 Alcaraz vs. '16 Murray at RG?

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Murray RG 16 SF is a tossup with Wawrinka RG 15 sue me.

Look what he did to a good Stan in 16 who would have given Djokovic all he could handle that year.


What do you think?

Murray-Alcaraz is a really intriguing hypothetical in my eyes.
I would say Alcaraz wins due to Murray’s weak second serve but Murray would return Alcaraz’s first serve with ease. Murray took a set from Peakvak so he would take at least 2 from 2024raz
Murray would win more times! That RG F in 2016 wasn’t great either but I felt it was above RG F 2024. I’m taking muzza at 7-3. A good comparison though and it could be seen closer at maybe 6-4 too.
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Alcaraz 7-3. He’s like a right handed Nadal at times. Murray wouldn’t even go 2-1 up like Zverev did, he doesn’t have the weapons.


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Not sure here. I like Murray in the RG 16 SF but Alcaraz seemed to have more legs in the final.
I honestly wonder what happened to Murray in the Final that year. To me I actually would pick Murray by level because I think he can manage points much better than Zverev can and would be able to run with Carlitos and expose his dips consistently, but he mugged up the final so pathetically that it's harder to make a case for him.
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Murray folding like a cheap tent to Djokovic was pathetic. The second part of 2016 when Murray won almost everything was a true nightmare, his playing style of just running like a rabbit to bring back every ball was an eyesore. I now have empathy for him given how sad his downfall was, but back in 2016 I couldn't stand him, I desperately wanted someone to stop him from winning all those titles. I blame Raonic especially for losing so many times to him this year. I am not sure how it could have been possible to even remotely be rooting for Murray and his ugly FH at that time but that's just me I guess.

Nishikori temporarily stopping the bleeding at the USO was so satisfying, so was Del Potro blowing off the court the obnoxious screaming Brit off the court in the Davis Cup. The only reason I can tolerate Murray these days is because he is done as a contender for big titles, lol.
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