Ridicolous stat that may be never repeated


Hall of Fame
People are acting as though Fed couldn’t beat top-10 players during his peak years. The more homogenized and slower surfaces allow this generation to face more top-10 players since upsets happen less often. Even old man Fed is benefitting from this compared toearlier generations.

In 2004, Federer only faced 18 players in the top 10, despite winning 3 slam titles and the WTF. Fed managed to go 18-0 vs the top 10. But this season won’t land on Lew’s board of voodoo stats.

Federer holds the record for most consecutive wins against the top 10 with 24. The next best mark is a distant 17(Fed and Djoker).


Amazing feat. Well done to Novak. But I don't think 19 is his favourite number. It's rather Rafa who sits on it.