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    Crazy, but Perhaps True

    My crazy theory is that gay men are heavily involved in women's fashion purely to get women to wear more and more ridiculous and unattractive clothing in order to drive straight men to think about "the other team."

    At first, I was just joking with people, but the more I thought about it, the more plausible it sounded.

    Think about it, if women's fashion is about women looking stylish or just showing off, why would a man who is attracted to other men have any interest in it? (We're not talking about transvestites, just normal gay men who wear men's clothing.) It makes no sense. And yet, gay men are prominent and heavily influential throughout the fashion world. What is their motivation?

    At the same time, women's fashion is becoming more and more unattractive. I walk around these days and struggle to find any young women who look good (which makes it difficult to find women I want to date). Even the ones who I suspect have good bodies are wearing outfits that make them look fat (puffy outfits) and/or deformed (poorly fitting low-rise skinny jeans plus extra-length shirt tucked in, making them look hideously out of proportion, like they have no legs). The best looking ones are the immigrants from countries where the fashion industry has the least influence; they usually look the most stylish and attractive, until they live in the new country long enough to start dressing like the locals.

    Wake up, people! :)
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