RIP Eddie Money


Bionic Poster
Esophageal cancer, age 70. SoSad.

I saw him live at my all-time favorite music venue, a small club in the village of Roslyn on Long Island. The club is/was (?) called My Father’s Place and their lineups usually included new acts on the way up or stuck in mediocrity and fail. The Money Man appeared there just after TTTP was released and, being a NY native, had sold the place out to SRO. I had also seen The Police there prior to their first album success and later saw Crowded House there.

The building was an odd shape for a music venue, almost rectangular, so there was a long central aisle leading to the stage. Eddie chose the dramatic entrance option of running down that aisle through the audience as the lights dimmed and the band started playing. He was about two feet away from me as he passed and the house spotlight trained on him showed a bit too much makeup (at least for my taste) and a bit of party powder on the upper lip IYKWIM. Great show though!

The family rockumentary recently aired (2 years ago?) on Showtime showed him in good spirits and fairly decent shape so this must have been a quick onset.