RIP Tina Turner


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What a sad day. I've nothing but respect for her, such an inspiration to come through all the turmoil in her life and become one of the biggest stars in such a male dominated industry.
Wonderful voice, wonderful performer, wonderful woman. We didn't wanna lose you Tina. :(
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I knew she had been battling various health problems in the last few years but still an almighty shock to hear that she's gone!

There was no one like her. She was simply:

R I P Tina!!!


Music stars pay tribute to Tina Turner:

Mick Jagger:

Elton John:

Bryan Adams:

Rod Stewart:



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As you can tell from the YT obits, Tina was a bigger star in Europe than in her native US following her Private Dancer comeback. And that's also when she began her intermittent ventures into film (excluding her previous cameos), probably her most notable calling cards for her younger fans.

Which means most listeners aren't familiar with her best work which largely dates from her troubled years with Ike, though that's not saying much because I can't name a single indisputably great album ever cut by Tina either with her first hubby or solo. Their best record - which, as I noted in the "Greatest Songs of the 20th Century" thread, Spector himself considered his masterwork - remains the majestic "River Deep–Mountain High," a modest hit at the time whose stature seems to grow with each passing year:

Alas they never hit that high mark again before or after, but two covers deserve their own shout-out. Here's "I've Been Loving You Too Long," which can't possibly compare to the original Redding classic but has its own grit thanks to Turner's then still formidable voice:

And, of course, the obligatory "Proud Mary" (which the movie had Tina taking on before CCR's initial '69 release!):

I won't bother with her sleeker solo efforts which y'all are familiar with. Overall a certified diva whose complicated legacy doesn't quite measure up to the White lore built up by her fervent admirers in the Stones. Hope she and her estranged (adopted) children were able to work out their differences in her final days. RIP.


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Tina is quite unrecognisable from her early days with Ike to the one we are all now familiar with. In addition to completely changing her hairstyle did she have work done on her face??


So deeply sad to hear about Tina Turner's passing… I loved her version of Proud Mary! It was different and fantastic. I was also so happy because she chose my song and it was her breakthrough record.

Beyond her immense talent, she was incredibly kind-hearted and gracious. Her genuine spirit touched the hearts of everyone she encountered

I was so honored. I am also grateful I was on stage with her playing Proud Mary. Keep rollin’ on the river. Rest in peace, Tina.