Road bikes: some advice please?


I'm going to be competing in road races for the first time this year, my current bike is Giants cheapest road bike from 3 years ago. I'm going to be buying a new bike and I want to know if anyone more experienced than I can tell me which of the following two would be better for me:

Felt F95 Team issue, or the
Wilier La Triestina-Lampre road bike

I was wondering if anyone who knows about racing bikes can advise me as even though the Wilier is more expensive (and therefore you would presume better) I have heard that Felt can make top quality bikes cheaper as they don't advertise. Can anyone help me out?
Thanks for any help

Also, what is the average pace for a regional road race?

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If it were me, i'd race on your current bike for at least the first year. It is unfortunate but there is a fair amount of crashing involved in the lower categories until people learn how to handle a bike in a tight situation and when they're going hard. If you decide to continue racing after the first year, you'll probably move up in category and race with people less likely to crash, and then you can bring out the new, expensive bike.


The problem is that it seems (according to British Cycling anyway) that all races are for every level of rider, its a completely mixed classification which is possibly not how they do it in the US or other countries.
What sort of average speed would you expect in a begginer road race?