Robbie Koenig "I don't think i've seen a better S&V performance in 10 years"

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  1. Should Fed have gotten more bite or skid on the BH volley DTL (his 2nd volley in the video below).-
  2. Why is Fed's slice lacking bite? I saw several instances, here's one example which is a classic slice approach and should have kept low?

    Here's one off the return of serve:

    Compare to Lopez's slice here which skidded through causing the return to have to be hit really up without clean contact:
Of course the return of serve isn't likely to be anything like the one Lopez hit for really, really obvious reasons.

The serve was on the way up for a start, and struck at hear height. Even a fraction mistimed shot - as that one was - see the ball either short or long. Lopez's shot by contrast was hit from the sort of ball that is easiest to slice - knee height and near the baseline - so he was easily able to keep it low.

Not to mention Lopez is a lefty as well so Nadal faces that shape of shot only ever when he faces other lefties so is not nearly as grooved at replying to them (Lopez was, I think, only the 2nd lefty he's faced all year).
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Federer said himself that the new racket gives him more power, but he could not hit his slice nearly as well as he used to.

Gary Duane

Good points, all around ... I happen to like Koenig as well, and the comment in question, if taken specifically in re to Fed's S&V performance, didn't strike me as 'over the top' at all.

Re the 'new' stick, looking at developments in the course of this year, first time(IMO) Fed appeared to be totally comfortable with, and confident about his shots, particularly the FH.
I agree with, also about the FH. To me that was the shot that was most off since the new racket. The BH actually improved at times, but I don't think it was before this match that I felt like he could really drive the BH, especially down the line.

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geeze no love for Llodra? Robbie
Bingo. Bercy in 2010 he serve and volleyed his way through Djokovic, Davydenko and Isner before losing to Soderling 7-6 in the 3rd in the semifinals.

In 2012 he did it again, beating Del Potro, Querrey, Isner before losing to Ferrer in the semis - while ranked 121.


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Just proves what I have always known: Sampras would have beaten these guys on hard courts.
not really - Sampras does not have the ground game to hang with "these" guys. I'm not saying Sampras wouldn't win, but making it sound as if S & V alone was responsible for Federer's win is incorrect. It was a great mix of baseline mastery and prowess at the net.