Roddick and grass courts


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Does anyone think Roddick over the long-haul may achieve more slam wins at Wimbledon than the US open or at least get to more semis and finals at Wimbledon?

I think he might because Roddick's strengths are more dominate on grass and his weaknesses are more difficult to attack.


No, I think his biggest chances are on US hard courts and particularly US Open. He didn't face biggest servers at Wimbledon this year only Ancic and he stretched him to 4 sets.. I think he'll have more trouble breaking opponents (hard serving) serve on grass than on hard. Also, he doesn't take the ball on the rise as well as other players, so that is a factor as well. He thrives on crowd and there is no more biased crowds than at the Open... so I'd say that is his best chance still..


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He may be a threat at Wimbledon longer than at the Open, because after his movement slows down some and he is less of a threat to the rest of the tour, his big serve and forehand will still earn him many free points at Wimbledon.


Gorans game is more than the serve. he had a good volley and could also hang on the baseline pretty well for a big guy.


Moreover Goran's was a big leftie serve that J Mac will tell us ad nauseam is a more potent weapon, swinging it away from the rightie's backhand alot of the time. As NBM noticed, more to Goran's game as well as he would follow in the serve, something which Andy has embraced as a concept but is not really executing enough yet. Assuming he doesn't radically change the shape of his game for Wibledon then I'd have to go with US Open as his top Slam chance. Just look at Andy's hard court seasons and it's clear he performs best of all there and I think enjoys the additional limelight in the US of A.


Agassi beat him on one of andre's worst surfaces--grass.
Goran lost several more Wimbley finals. Then recently, he lost early several times on grass & retired due to shoulder injury.