Roddick clothes


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Honestly does this guy really need to wear a polo 2 sizes too big? Looks ridiculous and can't imagine it encourages many to buy Lacoste.
So long as the guy serves huge bombs like he does, I think he could wear whatever he wants, his current lacoste stuff looks pretty awesome. I think Babolat needs to get with them to give him some different colors of shoes to better coordinate with what he's wearing.


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No, I agree: Roddick's shirts are too large and baggy.

He tugs up the shoulders before just about every point -- so not only do his shirts make him look shlumpy, they also affect his performance. Would Fed be caught dead in a tent shirt?

But worse than Roddick is Blake. My man swims in his shirts! They just about cover his elbows!



Style divas. Who cares how the pros wear their shirts. I, as well as many people I play with, wear loose shirts. As long as you don't look like a Klansman, why y'all care. I tried the metro sexual sizing, and I much prefer the freedom of movement of a looser shirt.