Roddick V Hewitt Thread

D-Bomb said:
well I don't know. If fed does win he'll probably play haas, who certainly is no donald young :p. I would expect federer to win, but i think his next two matches certainly won't be a walk in the park. but to stay on topic, GO RODDICK!
Haas by the semis would be worn out, and most times in a grand slam a player like Roger will beat him in straight sets anyway. He didnt in Australia but would have but for a mid-match concentration lapse which wont happen again.


Roddick killed Hewitt. Impressive. It all has to do with how much closer he is standing to the baseline. It's almost impossible to beat Hewitt if you are standing way back, doesn't matter how hard you hit the ball.


Hewitt was lucky to even see Roddick in this match. Gasquet played much better that Hewitt.

Congrats to Roddick!!!


Hall of Fame
Go Roddick!!

I want to see a Federer vs. Roddick US Open 2006 Final because I love watching how Federer can return Roddick's serves so well. Plus, I want to hear Andy crack more jokes at the interview at the end of the match after he's beaten soundly by the Swiss who'll dismiss.


ShooterMcMarco said:
the face he made at the end was funny, it looked he was about to cry, then he started smiling. i'm happy for him
I know. His face said everything. Not only is he back but how well he played. Wow.


Looks like the *******s are getting all cocky again now that Youzhny has done the dirty work for Roger. :p

ACE of Hearts said:
I cant stand Roddick, i hope Youzhny can pull a stunning win!!!!:p
Gee, I thought you were one of his biggest fans. You're always talking about him and watching his matches, like a good fan does. :mrgreen: