Roddick's HOF Speech


Hall of Fame
What a great speech, the best i've ever heard at the HOF; funny, self deprecating, pure entertainment that had everyone in attendance either laughing or in tears..Talking about his father who passed away was particularly heart wrenching... i'm not sure if he might have mentioned ie:Benhabiles, Connors..I guess he couldn't cover everything...Still something every tennis fan will enjoy :)
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Its demeaning to our sport, to have the International Tennis Hall of Fame, referred to as the 'Rolex hall of fame' at the yearly induction ceremony. When the font of the corporate sponsor is twice as large as the rest, it looks like we put a 40,000 dollar weddng ring on the finger of our pimp.

We have to do better than this, if we want any respect for our sport and its legacy.