Roger Federer’s Future (Poll)

What will Roger Federer do?

  • Have a break and get back to winning Slemz

    Votes: 19 23.5%
  • Have a break and win Masters again, but nothing more

    Votes: 16 19.8%
  • Drop out of top 10 in 2020

    Votes: 20 24.7%
  • Become a doubles specialist

    Votes: 6 7.4%
  • Retire from tennis and live out the rest of his days with a model

    Votes: 20 24.7%

  • Total voters


Wimbledon draw

1st round
Leo Federer (SWI)
Roger Federer (SWI)

Prospective QF
Leo/Roger Federer
Lenny/A N Federer


Red Rick

Talk Tennis Guru
He'll stop when it stops being fun. Might be sooner or later, time will tell
Don't see him hanging on after he drops out the top 8. Which is also about the point he stops beating up his pet tournaments and he has no chance at Wimbly anymore. I don't see why he'd continue beyond that unless his endorsements make him that much more when playing and being an also ran but that would be a lil weird. Also how much more money does he need lol.