Roger Federer is here! The GOAT geeks out about his Tennis Gear (including his Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 & more)

TW Staff

Roger Federer joins us today to talk all things tennis gear!!
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In this exclusive chat, one of the greatest players of all time geeks out with us as we talk all about his tennis gear! We take a deep dive into his long history with the Pro Staff racquet franchise, how he has worked with Wilson over the years to help design and create the racquet of his dreams (Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph) and why he strings with his Champions Choice hybrid of Natural Gut & Luxilon!

Roger also gives us a quick update on how he's handling his time away from the tour and off the court. And even has a message for all of his fans!

Check out the new Wilson Pro Staff line of racquets & enter for a chance to win a signed racquet from Roger Federer!

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Happy Hitting!
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Wow awesome stuff. TW continues to raise the bar for others with this podcast. Nice to hear about a frank discussion about something as simple as racket paint design, not bringing out his old rackets to hit, test rackets, getting back in 2021 etc....


secretly wished Michelle would have trolled RF with a "Wait so If I play with the RF97 I cAn aLsO WiN wImBlEdOn LiKe YoU?!!" :eek: