Roger Federer is Most Beloved, WORLDWIDE!

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    Jun 6, 2007
    Pete Sampras said it, John McEnroe said it and so did several others who saw the French Open final, Roger Federer is the Greatest of All Time. Honestly the GOAT talk is not even important right now. Federer has just won his first Roland Garros title against all skepticism. He had some difficult matches and thats no lie, as we all saw against Acasuso, Mathieu, Haas and Del Potro. It seemed pretty much impossible, but fate had him holding the trophy in the end. One thing that I've seen over the years and now more than ever is that people like Federer not only for his angelic style of play and true champion mannerisms, but they also like him as a person. He has connected with all his fans on a higher more emotional level. We saw an excellent example of that at the US Open last year when they had the opening ceremony. He had the biggest standing ovation and the loudest applauds out of all the great champions there, and this year we saw him being cheered on every round of every tournament as if he was a kin to the audience. Especially here in Paris where he said he really felt at home with the fans pulling for him so much. When you have the greats of the game pulling for you to win a Grand Slam title and genuinely overjoyed to see you holding the trophy, who in their own right have done wonders in their careers, to me it truly means something special. Come on, if Pete Sampras can say he would like to see Roger Federer break his record, then this man transcends the title of athlete to something I don't think anyone has ever seen before.

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