Roger Federer/Marat Safin Looking For Coaches-Pete Sampras??

Just a thought, and I might have heard somewhere down the road that he might not be interested in coaching, BUT, wouldn't Pete Sampras be a fantastic idea for a coach for either of these two players, Roger Federer or Marat Safin? MORE ROGER FEDERER than Safin for sure. But it just popped into my head and I thought it might be a fantastic combination between either of the two players, but like I said, more Federer than Safin. The Federer/Sampras combo is almost stupid, how dangerous that it could be. And it would just add a lot of interest to the men's game, and it could start the coach/player, coach/player rivalry, ala Gilbert/Roddick, Sampras/Federer. I think there are a few other ex-players who coach some of the recent players in the top 30 or so. It was just an interesting thought I had. What do you guys think?


It's hard for the "greats" to coach because they would be 2nd fiddle to the player and that is a hard thing to do. It's usually guys who were not great that become good coaches, i.e., Gilbert.

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Pete retired because he was done with tennis in every way, I doubt he would ever become a coach/commentator etc. Even when he was playing, during interviews he said he rarely watched tennis; he has no interest in the x & o's of the game, like say Agassi.
Plus generally the best coachs had mediocre playing careers. And Pete's ego would certainly prevent him from giving Fed any help, he enjoys having all his records & certainly doesn't want anyone to break them.


Sampras as a coach :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: He'll become a coach just after Lendl. Great players leave it on the court and their either on the course trying to put together a winning strategy for birdies or they go to the booth, maybe Davis Cup Captain but not a personal coach.


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What Edge, Kevin, and Boris said. Plus, Sampras isn't exactly an expressive person. I think Andre would make a better coach than Samps.
Yeah, I see what you guys mean about the whole ego thing. It was just a thought. Two great talents / minds teaming up together I thought would be a dangerous team. I totally get it, it was one of those things that just popped into my head, without further though, unfortunately. Later

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I agree that he won't coach pros, there has been a possibility that he could end up coaching at UCLA though.


A great example of a great player making a sorry coach is the McEnroe brothers. John thought he was going to be IT for the next ten years, he lasted one. Patrick, problems he has, but he does run a solid Davis Cup team and will probably be the coach for the forseeable future. The guys he's got on his team are probably good for 5 - 8 years at least. And, they all seem very loyal to PMac.


:lol: UCLA? When is Billy Martin going to retire? I know Pete's sis is a coach (Stella). College would be interesting for Pete - I'm a big fan of PAC 10 Tennis.


Neither Sampras or Agassi will ever become a coach. They are superstars and living legends. Pete is a family man now and he has moved on with his life. After Andre retires he won't have much to do with the game either, although many people think that he will. Time will tell on that one, but I don't expect to see too much of him after he has struck his last ball as a professional.


As mentioned, for now tennis is the last thing on his mind. Nate F. not too long ago said he knows for a fact that Pete is not even practicing. Such a shame, would be sweet if he played an exhibition match against Federer. His presence would make somebody play harder but he's not vocal at all.