Roger Federer Or Rafael Nadal

Who wins the match?

  • Roger Federer

    Votes: 50 76.9%
  • Rafael Nadal

    Votes: 15 23.1%

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Lets say that for one match Roger and Rafa had each others racquets. For this match both players got a month off prior to it and only played lightly(we all know how tired Rafa is at end of season :)).

Roger would use the Aero Pro Drive, Rafa would use the K Factor 6.1 Of the SAME tensions the racquet is used by the the player(ex nadal uses a k6.1 with federers type of court tension). We all know that Rafas racquet is a topspin machine and that Rafa is also one who generates alot for his baseline play. On the other hand we all know Federers 6.1 alows him for good volleys etc his type of play.

Best of 5 set match, please specify the score you think will be. Please specify the surface of your choice.

Who wins the match?

Note: I want to see what other people think about this topic.
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I voted for Rafa without reading your post.

I still haven't read your post.

I'm sure it's lovely, though. :)


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federer would win. the k90's small head size will cause rafa to mishit way too many balls. the low tension (sometimes as low as mid 40's) will cause a loss of control too.


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i think the swing weight is about the same for both racquets so adjustments would be mostly towards static weight / balance / head size.

i voted roger because i think head size would be the main factor in that it takes a while to get used to a smaller head size. the huge vertical swings rafa takes will result in more shanks.

doesn't really matter which type of court in this situation for me. i would say roger in straights say 6-0 6-2 6-2
If i can use a 100 and then use a 90 no problem so can they.
They are professionals they can adapt, Rafa will start flattening his strokes and Federer might start using more topspin on his.
and then they would fool around knowing it's an exhibition.
Wimbledon-Toss up


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About the same results as always. Both would adjust just fine. It would be a messy looking match most likely, but these are the best players in the world i'm quite sure each would do fine.


Rafa hits with too much topspin to be able to use a racket with such a small head. Unless he changed his game and hit more flat he would lose for sure. He would have an even worse time with serving and Fed also has much more variety with his serves.


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Ok thread topic. Federer beats Nadal on clay 6-0,6-0,6-1, Sorry just seeing what happens after that. Nadal will injure his shoulder if he uses his aggresive swings. Federer on the other hand will have a better use with the Aeropro drive. Aeropro drive does offer more power than K6.1 so Federer hits better.


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roger would win in straights initially, since in my opinion, it's less straining to get one's bearings when moving to a larger racquet than it is when moving to a smaller racquet. rafa would also have a hard time producing as much spin, since the six-one has a slightly tighter stringbed(since a 16x19 is presumably tighter on a 90sq" than a 100sq") and a smaller headsize. his strokes don't complement the six-one either.
given time to practice however, it may or not be a different story.


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Federer, because going from a small head size to a larger head size is easier than going in the opposite direction.

Pure speculation of course :)


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Match wouldn't be much different than if they played with their own racquets. Moving from 100sq inches to 90 isn't much of a change either way. I use a POG OS and a k90 which is an even larger difference and it is a non factor. People on here make too much of the difference. They would both adjust fine and easily. It is not hard to hit a K90. If you can hit the sweet spot on one you can hit it on the other. The weight change would be a bigger difference.

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its not about headsize, weight or anything else like that..
some players can play pretty well with sticks they are not used, other players cant!
my friend whos about same level as I am keeps changing frames and plays just as well with any of them. I cant find anything to replace PS 6.1 classic, my level drops with any other frame.
some ppl can addapt others cant, its as simple as that!