"Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic lack emotion" Michael Stich

Gary Duane

Yes, essentially. And I don't mind Pete being himself - but the cluelessness about it from Stich (who I know nothing about off the court) was bizarre.
I agree what we are reading is bizarre, but I'd like to hear from Stich in a real interview. The article I saw seemed really sloppy. I think most of us think that the Big 3 are too far into diplomacy and anything but candid about their true feelings or beliefs.

That said, Sampras was hardly a man who revealed anything private. As for the kind of thing we used to see with Connors and Mac, that was as real as pro wrestling feuds. Likely we will find out more about all the Big 3 when they retire.


Pete? Boring? maybe personality wise. But certainly not game wise. He had one one (if not thee) most dynamic all court game of all time. Certainly more fun than watching this ping pong baseline back and forth shots with points that should have ended 10 minutes before if someone had the ability to hit a volley games

Some of my favorite matches saved on Beta and VHS format are of Sampras not only winning, but embarrassing his opponent! My fave was a Wimbledon throttling of Chang who was playing well and running everything down, but Pete was in the zone and just ran Michael around like a chicken with his head cut off! The other was his total dismissal of Agassi at the USO in the 1990 Final! It barely took an hour and a half! Again, Agassi wasn't playing badly, Pete was in Gawd-mode taking out Lendl and McEnroe before him! :giggle:;):laughing::-D:notworthy::happydevil:

The Blond Blur

The only time you’ll see Sampras and personality in the same sentence is when the word “no” is in the middle :X3:



Hall of Fame
Personnaly think modern tennis looks more "sanitized" because everything has become more and more professional : diet, comunication, stricter rules...for me champions like Sampras or Edberg are not boring, they did not show much emotion because they were more effective in this way.