Roger Federer will reportedly become the first billionaire in tennis in 2020

Mike Sams

I rather enjoyed the blue clay! It wasn't as homogenized a court and everyone knew from day one Nadal or Djokovic had no chance of winning! I think Nole held on for one extra day to secure his top ranking over Nadal who had been upset the day before! It was a hoot in so many ways; esp. listening to Nadal kvetch about the court! If they expected either to return, that blue stuff had to be plowed under the very next day after the Championship match! Winning it helped give Federer the #1 ranking for a while after taking another Wimbledon in 2012! Unfortunately for him, Nole was able to snatch back #1 in Nov. and retain it over the dead period of the off-season! :unsure:
Yup, the pushers and defenders are always crying about surfaces that don't allow them to just run and run all day.


Bionic Poster
Just to repeat to those that are so keen on defending Thunberg's rhetoric: you are on a tennis forum, probably playing tennis. None of these things is particularly rational, if you are so concerned about global warming, so you want to have your cake, and eat it too. Probably a lot of other stuff that you do is in the same vein.

Oh, and, BTW, when little Greta arrived in Portugal, she might have been on board of an eco boat, but she was clad head to toe in Gore-Tex. Does she know what that is and where it comes from?



Federer and Berdych had no problem with the blue clay whatsoever. But I guess the shotmakers can handle these types of surfaces better than the baseline pushers and gazelles who rely so much on defense and running everything down like Nadal and Djokovic.

Federer should teach Nadal how to properly play on clay because the "shotmaking" is the way to go