Roger in Paris :D



For those interested , I'll be posting all the possible Federer pics I can find,of the entire tournament.


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haha he looks so damn happy, and genuinely happy. good for him
also, its like his baby, hes kissing it or holding it in every photo haha


Roger's box-Some people I know-Mirka,Roger's mum,Tony Godsick and his daughter Isabella,Reto's wife,Ana Wintour


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Hmmm Me and Roger have the same fashion sense..polo's and slim jeans...and i like the way he wears his dunks...

Such a pretty boy lol


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GREAT pictures. That poor trophy is probably confused-"What??? monsiuer doesn't bite me???? very nice." ha ha ha


Is that "Emily" next to Wintour?LOL. That Asian woman is always with the Fed box. Anybody knows who she is?
LOL..No she's Reto's wife I think. Emily.. :lol: :lol: .Thank God you didnt say..Ahn- dre- ah!:lol:
I dont know who the Asian woman is..
BTW-I'll be posting few more pics soon.Just give some time.Thanks guys.


Thank you for posting these wonderful pics, mandy! btw that pic of federer and del potro is rather awkward :lol:


With the million dollars he just won by winning the French Open, I hope he can now afford to buy some new jeans as those look pretty old and worn out with holes in them. :lol: LOL
these old and worn out jeans probably cost more than most of my clothes.

vive le beau jeu !

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- don't be as selfish as this damned ivan, roger... please let me touch it ! come on, only once !
- it's ok john, it's over now... now give it back to me !

is J.Mc joking about his 1984 final on that picture ? according to roger's smile and mac's (fake) expression, it seems so ! :)


Mandy, thanks so much for the photos. They're awesome. Esp like the ones with the Eiffel Tower in the background, which I've never seen and hope one day to see.